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Robot that frees you from cleaning snow in winter.

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Revolutionary Robotics - Snow Blower For Home

Hands-free, safe snow cleaning.

About Snowbot S1

Snowbot S1 is a smart snow sweeping robot designed and manufactured by Hanyang Robotics Inc. Snowbot is not an imagination, it is reality and future.

It makes snow removal energy-saving, safe, and satisfying. It is designed to change the traditional ways of removing snow.

Let’s explore how this amazing snowblower machine works by the video.

Autonomous Navigation
  Accurate Positioning

With smart algorithm and high technology, Snowbot achieves autonomous navigation and centi-meter grade accuracy in positioning.

Intelligent Route Plan

With the autonomous navigation system and advanced positioning algorithm, Snowbot is able to automatically plan its cleaning path.

Easy to Manage and Control

Remote Controller

You can control Snowbot with remote controller and clean snow on your own way.
Everything is under your control.

Mobile App

One app for all control.
Check snowblower status anytime, anywhere.
Set cleaning plans as desired.

Enjoy the Time with Your Family and Friends.

Let Snowbot do the snow removal work

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Snowbot S1 Pro

Original price: 4299
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Limited stock: 500 pieces

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  • Two Li-ion battery included
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Snowbot S3

Original price: $9999
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  • Two stage snow blower
  • Longer battery life
  • Automatic recharging 
  • Est. delivery in Winter 2022
  • Throwing distance up to 40 feet
  • Remove snow up to 20-25 inches
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