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Snowbot S1 - Smart Snow Blower Robot
Snowbot S1 - Smart Snow Blower Robot
Snowbot S1 - Smart Snow Blower Robot
Snowbot S1 - Smart Snow Blower Robot
Snowbot S1 - Smart Snow Blower Robot
Snowbot S1 - Smart Snow Blower Robot
Snowbot S1 - Smart Snow Blower Robot
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Snowbot S1 - Smart Snow Blower Robot
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Snowbot S1 - Smart Snow Blower Robot
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Snowbot S1 - Smart Snow Blower Robot
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Snowbot S1 - Smart Snow Blower Robot
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Snowbot S1 - Smart Snow Blower Robot
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Snowbot S1 - Smart Snow Blower Robot

Snowbot S1 - Smart Snow Blower Robot

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  • The world’s first intelligent snow sweeping robot.
  • Estimated delivery in Oct. 2021. 
  • Limited stock: only 100 pieces available. 
  • Get Snowbot S1 Pro for free next year
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Why Snowbot

FeaturesTraditional Snow Removal ToolsSnowbot S1
Totally autonomous & Hands-freeX
Remote monitoringX
Mobile app controlX
Smart mapping & NavigationX
Intelligent route planX
Set multiple cleaning plans
Automatic obstacle avoidanceX
Max cut depth6-23 inches12 inches
$499 - $2999

Autonomous Navigation & Accurate Positioning

Snowbot’s navigation system is composed of 4 UWB (Ultra Wideband) positioning terminals (3 as signal sender and one as receiver). The use of instant locating of computer vision helps it build a map. By creating countless waypoints in the snow removal area, it achieves centimeter-level accuracy on maintaining the path.

In addition, the locating poles are wind resistant up to level 7. So it will not fall down in wind weaker than level 7 after properly placed.

Intelligent Route Plan

With the autonomous navigation system and advanced positioning algorithm, Snowbot is able to automatically plan its cleaning path. After positioning the locating poles at 3 points, there will be a default snow removal area. You can also use the remote controller to customize an area according to your preferences.

After the cleaning area is decided, Snowbot will remove the snow by maintaining the route and selected area.  The unique positioning algorithm keeps it staying on course while working.

Set Multiple Snow Cleaning Plans

If you need to remove snow in different areas, or in areas with weird shapes, you can set different cleaning plans to complete the snow removal. By connecting Snowbot with its mobile app, you can easily set different cleaning plans according to your preferences.

Strong Snow Cleaning Ability

Remove Snow Up to 12 Inches Deep

Snowbot S1 can remove snow deep as 12 inches easily from your yard or driveway.

High-speed Rotation of Hard Rubber Shovel

The shovel is composed of hard rubber. High-speed rotation is designed for shoveling snow without causing damage to the ground.

Sprint Snow Removal Mode

When Snowbot is slipped accidentally, or when it meets deep snow, sprint snow removal mode will be activated. That is, Snowbot moves back and goes forward at a higher speed.

Intelligent Moving Speed

In normal mode, the snow removal speed is intelligently set according to the depth of snow to ensure the best performance of the robot.

Powerful and Flexible Snow Throwing

Powerful and Flexible Snow ThrowingSnowbot S1 is built with a 360° rotatable chute that can throw the snow away in any direction, so that the snow can be thrown to a snow pile given by the user. After the snow pile is specified, the movable snow thrower can adjust the snow throwing direction and the snow lifting angle intelligently at any time to make sure the snow throwing to the given area.The throwing distance is up to 16.5 inches (about 5 meters ).

Clear More Than 98% of the Snow In Selected Area

Snowbot comes with a hard scraper and a brush. For paved ground, it is recommended to use the scraper. For ground with protuberances or gravels, it is recommended to use the brush. Both of them are designed for further cleaning the floor to make sure more than 98% of the snow in its path cleared.

In addition, it is designed to remove the snow twice through different paths to make sure the snow left in the first removal removed.

Hands-free, and Safe

Unlike traditional gasoline or electric snow blower, Snowbot is a fully automated snow blowing machine. You can control it in house without going out to snow area. With a complete safety assurance system, it is safe to use in most cases.

Reliable Safety Assurance System

Automatic Obstacle Avoidance

We are dedicated to making the robot reliable and safe, so the obstacle avoidance is one of the smart features of Snowbot. With laser radar built in, Snowbot can detect any obstacles in its path. When obstacle sensed, it will stop working in order not to damage anything.

Buzzer Alarm

When obstacles sensed in the path, buzzer alarm will be activated.

Emergency Stop Button

In case of emergency, for example, the machine is clogged by something, or your kids or little pets are close to it, you can press the emergency stop button to immediately stop the machine to avoid any further damage.

Security Warning Lights

When Snowbot is working, the two red warning lights on the tail end will be on. It indicates that you should stay away, especially your kids and little pets.

Self-protection In Case of Overload Current

If the snow shovel is clogged by wet snow or any other unexpected stuff such as woolen yarn, wires, etc., there will be a short-time super high current that may damage the machine. In this case, Snowbot will stop working to protect the motor and other related parts.

Powerful Battery, Zero Emission

Snowbot is built with and powered by lithium-ion battery which consumes less energy. A full charge can work for 1 hour and clean an area of about 1000 square feet (for snow depth of 4 inches). What’s more, it is environmentally-friendly, and does not produce any harmful emission that is caused by burning gasoline.

Regular Firmware Update

We update our mobile app and firmware regularly to improve the performance of Snowbot and fix any bugs reported by our users.

Easy to Manage, Less Maintenance

A robot that everyone can manage is a truly nice robot. Fortunately, Snowbot is such one. It is simple as a b c to let it clean the snow as desired. Press the power button, connect it with mobile phone or remote controller, then you can control Snowbot easily to conduct a snow removal work.

Further more, there is no extra maintenance as the gasoline blowers. All you need to do is to recharge it for next use.

Anti-slip Wheels

The wheels are made of special rubber tracks which are resistant to low temperatures and abrasions without damaging the ground. And the anti-slip design prevents it from slipping on steep driveways.

Brushless Motor

Snowbot is built with high efficiency brushless motor which is equipped with special low temperature grease. The brushless direct current motor controls rubber scraper, and the direct current gear motor controls the wheels.

Remote Controller

A remote controller is included in the package which you can use to remotely control the Snowbot. With remote controller, you can control Snowbot to change moving direction, start or stop, and change the snow throwing direction. Cleaning area is not limited. Snow removal becomes flexible and extremly easy!

Mobile App Control

A special mobile app is designed for Snowbot that allows you to preset the snow cleaning area, the snow-covered area, and the scheduled working time, and control the snow cleaning work through Snowbot, check the status of Snowbot, and any error messages.

Snowbot S1 Technical Parameters

Power SourceMax Operation TimeThrowing DistanceMax Removal Area
Lithium-ion battery 36 V, 25 Ah1 hour / full charge197 inches1000 sq.ft / charge
Operating TemperatureDimensionWeightType of Snow
-25℃ - 40 ℃39'' x 26'' x 39'' (L x W x H)132 lbsLight / Fluffy

Battery Specs


Li-on battery


1123.2 Wh (36.5 V, 31.2 Ah)

Operating temperature

-4°F - 140°F


DC 42 V, 10 A


DC 40 A

Waterproof level



7.55‘’ x 6.1‘’ x 7.12‘’


20.9 lbs

Full charge time

3 hours