Snowbot S1 Pro is coming...

A crowdfunding campaign for Snowbot S1 Pro is upcoming.

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Snowbot S1 Pro is going to be launched in winter 2022. Compared with beta version Snowbot S1, it comes with more stable performances, lightweight and refined body with a plastic shell, and new functions such as auto recharging, anti-theft, speech/voice control, snow removal notification, easier positioning installation, and safer snow removal mechanism, etc.


When Snowbot completes its work or when it detects low battery, it will go back to the docking station to charge itself automatically.

More Coming Features

Anti-theft Protection

Know Snowbot's location 24/7, even if it's stolen.

Single Beacon

Easier to install and quicker to start.

New Refined Appearance

Lightweight and easier for movement.

Voice Control

Integrate into your smart home system..

Snow Removal Reminder

Notify you of snow removal when it snows.

Safer Snow Removal

Avoid unknown obstacles and sudden movement.